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I have 5 year experience in Web 3 field, show me the trending skill that support me to get a better job

With your 5 years of experience in the Web3 field, you have a solid foundation, but staying ahead of the curve is crucial in this rapidly evolving space. Here are some trending skills that can boost your profile and help you land a better job:

Technical Skills:

  • Solidity Development: Deepen your expertise in Solidity, the primary language for writing smart contracts. Focus on advanced concepts like security best practices, optimization techniques, and cross-chain development.

Skill Analysis

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I want to become UI/UX designer, what skills I need to learn?

Becoming a UI/UX designer requires a blend of technical expertise and essential soft skills. Here's a breakdown of the key skills you need to focus on:

Technical Skills:

  • Design Software: Mastering industry-standard software like Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, and InVision Studio is crucial for creating mockups, prototypes, and wireframes.

  • User Interface (UI) Design: Learn UI design...

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